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Who We Are

Syntellica LLC is an information and training design & development firm located in Western NY, just outside Buffalo. We provide a range of professional services to software development companies, educational institutions, law firms, and technical services companies.

What We Do

Syntellica's special areas of focus include:

  • Developing software documentation.
  • Designing and delivering real-world training for people who work with software.
  • Implementing the WORLDOX document management system in legal and other professional office settings.

Steven Feldberg, Syntellica's founder and principal, has written award-winning user guides, software developer kits, and on-line information systems for Reuters Analytics Group, IBM, World Software Corporation, Merrill-Lynch, AT&T, CFI ProServices, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Thomson Electronic Publishing, Prentice-Hall, and other firms. In addition to serving as an adjunct professor at Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, NY, Steven has designed and delivered stand-up training—as well as computer-based training—to a wide array of firms including DaimlerChrysler, Chemical Residential Mortgage Co., and Oxford Health Plans, among others.

An expert in document management in the legal sphere, Steven has provided WORLDOX training to law firms and legal departments throughout the United States. In line with the continued growth and acceptance of WORLDOX in the legal marketplace, WORLDOX training has become the fastest growing segment of services Syntellica provides.

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