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Ambient Findability

Ambient Findability, Peter Morville

Billed as "an unusual journey into the emerging reality that lets us find anyone or anything from anywhere at anytime." The Zen of information literacy for the Internet age. Read the full review...


Scrolling Forward, David M. Levy

Author David M. Levy brings an interesting and diverse set of life experiences to his subject, "making sense of documents in the digital age." Combining the technical insight afforded by a computer science degree - a Ph.D. from Stanford, no less - with the traditional grounding of an education in bookbinding and calligraphy, Levy's take on documents is refreshingly broad. In likening documents to "talking things" Levy draws on the vast cultural meaning that documents have assumed over time.

Desisgning A Document Strategy

Designing A Document Strategy, Kevin Craine

This volume offers a broad overview of what's involved (or should be) in taking a look at the role documents play in your firm. On the plus side, it does manage to deliver a general model for thinking about devising a strategy to align documents and the processes surrounding them to your firm's overall business goals and objectives. On the negative side, a sizable portion of the content is general to the point that it has no bearing on document strategies, per se. Rather, much of this material (such as "selling" your project) is general project management knowledge. Anyone who has run a formal project will more than likely be quite familiar with at least half the book's content. That being said, if you are a project management novice, or need a way to orient yourself to thinking strategically about your organization's documents, you should find something useful here.


Podcasting Hacks, Tips & Tools for Blogging Out Loud, Jack D. Herrington

It begins with an introduction to podcasting with some helpful references to RSS feed aggregators, readers, and various media players you can download and use to start your magical journey into the world of podcasting. With the help of this book I even managed to get podcasts onto my Dell Axim X50 so that I could listen on the road.


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It's Legal, John Irving

Okay. It's about technology for law firms. Starts off pretty basic (defining RAM). Let's call it a dated (2001) legal IT primer.





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